Student Projects, Spring 2011

Of Mice and Men Assessment

I believe you should have a say in how you are assessed. Choose a form of assessment that appeals to your own personal talents and interests. Effort must be visible. (There is a big difference between something you jot down in a few minutes and something you put time into). If you have any questions please feel free to contact me via e-mail: or call/text my cell phone: (920) 203-5154. Assessments are due Monday, April 18th, 2011. Don’t forget there are helpful sources on our class wiki at

Choose ONE of the following:

1. Short Answer Exam
o Take home and answer three short answer exam questions using the book as a reference. Use complete sentences. (1 – 2 pages total for all three answers)
2. Cartoon Strip
o Create a five-frame cartoon strip or, if you are more motivated, a cartoon motion flipbook that captures what happens in the scene from the novel that is most memorable to you. (min. 1 page or 6 panels)
3. Mobile/Collage
o Create a mobile or collage (at least 11 x 14) that captures one important aspect of the story—it can be about one character or one theme, etc. (When making a collage, the poster board should be filled) Write an explanation for each item you chose to include. Explain: why did you include it, what does it represent? (min. 1 page explanation)
4. CD or Playlist
o Make a CD or playlist of at least 7 songs that represent the themes/characters/events in the story. Make a cover for the cassette or CD and liner notes to briefly explain why you chose each song. Bring in the finished product and share your rationale for each song with the class.
5. Song/Rap
o Write/perform a song/rap characterizing an aspect of the story. (Make sure when you write it, it looks like a song written in stanzas with a chorus.) Video tape yourself performing your song/rap and share with the class or perform your song/rap for the class.
6. Character Dialogue
o Write a dialogue between one of the characters from The Great Gatsby and one of the characters from Of Mice and Men as if they were traveling together. What might they talk about? Where might they go? Would they get along or argue? Who would drive? Show these details through the dialogue you use. Be specific and be creative! (min. 1½ page of dialogue) *Extra daring: perform your dialogue for the class!
7. Other
o You may choose to do something else that is creative and that represents the story in some way, but you must get the project approved, first.